Simplicity is the key to the success of your retirement design.
For the convenience of our clients, CBP sponsors its own Regional Prototype plan documents for both standardized and non-standardized 401(k), Profit Sharing and Money Purchase Plans.  We also offer Volume Submitter plan documents.
Our focus is total compliance services for our clients.

Summary of Services*

Consulting and Plan Design
●   Plan Comparability Analysis
●   Employer-Specific Plan Design
●   Participant Communication Materials
●   Guidance on Plan Implementation and Termination
●   Assistance in Government Agency Audits
●   Internal Plan Reviews

Document Services
●   Prototype and Volume Submitter Plan Agreements
●   Plan Amendments and Restatements
●   Summary Plan Descriptions
●   Employer Administration Manuals & Forms
●   Notices to Participants
●   Enrollment Packages

Government Forms Preparation
●   Form 5500 and 5300 Series Reports and Related Schedules
●   Summary Annual Reports
●   Reporting of Distributions and Tax Withholding (1099-R)
●   Determination Letter Filing

Plan Valuation and Allocations
●   Reconciliation of Plan Assets to Payroll
●   Financial Statements on Accrual Basis
●   Eligibility Calculations
●   Participant Updates and Allocations
●   Loan Administration
●   Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) Processing
●   Vesting Calculations
●   Allocation Summary Reports
●   Distribution Packages
●   Plan Conversions

Compliance Testing
●   Contribution Deductibility
●   Top-Heavy Testing
●   Coverage Testing
●   Compensation Ratio Testing
●   401(k) Non-discrimination Testing
●   Annual Additions Limitations

Calculations and Projections
●   Employer Contribution Analysis
●   Required Minimum Distribution Calculations
●   Projected Entry Date Reporting

*This list is only intended to be a summary. For a detailed comprehensive list of services provided by CBP, please request a copy of our Administration Services Agreement.